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Assignment #10B

One example from literature or pop culture of an imagined future is Susan Ee, “Angelfall.” The series Penryn & the End of Days follows Penryn as she overcomes obstacles in the Apocalypse. From the beginning of the book, you are able to imagine the world Susan Ee created. Penryn is not the typical protagonist, she is a half-starved teenager with a disabled sister. Penryn’s mother also deal with her own psychological issues, making Penryn the one in charge. Susan Ee shows how modern location have changed because of the apocalypse. Locations that are well known become the main bases of the warrior angels.

The story takes place in the distant California, where 6 weeks ago angels of the apocalypse came to destroy the world. During the day, street gangs terrorize the people. Penyrn’s sister gets abducted by warrior angels and she will do anything to get her back. Penryn eventually teams up with Raffe, a wingless warrior angel. Raffe goes with Penryn to the center base of the angels to find a way to put back his wings.