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Due Assignment #5B Reading Response

Due Assignment #5B Reading Response

In Weinberger’s writing “Too Big to Know,” he discusses the infrastructure of knowledge and the process of filtering information to make it much more manageable to be used in a much more resourceful way. one similar thing I could compare this to is information databases which updates are done periodically changing old information with newer information with documents to prove their findings. Understanding the infrastructure makes use better researchers because the better we’re at, at navigating the internets and databases the easier finding information becomes. Knowing where to find information makes the process of categorizing information based of keywords and databases much more simpler as well as finding information in the library.

Due Assignment #4B Reading Response

Due Assignment #4B Reading Response

Classification is the action or process of classifying something according to shared qualities or characteristics and it is important because it allows scientists to identify, group, and properly name organisms in a standardized system. In the writing of Wright, Dye, and Badke one example that describes this is the use of technology when it comes to the community of people creating data through the internet with the use of hash tagging a photograph, video or status which creates a group or a classification on whichever social platform its being used on. Through hash tagging people groups of common people can use these keywords to find others that looking up similar topics or things which is a form of classification.

Due Assignment #8B Reading Response

Due Assignment #8B Reading Response

In Meszaros reading ” who’s in charge here ” he uses his platform to questioning authority given to the likes of teachers, librarians, and students. In this writing Meszaros breaks down how authority I distributed in the school and shows how students regulate who they should listen to and who they consider authority figures within the school. In the article it shows how students respect teachers above librarians not due to the educational level difference between the two but due to the fact that the students want better grades they listen to the teachers and hold them to a different authority level than the librarians which makes sense to me.

Due Assignment #9B Reading Response

Due Assignment #9B Reading Response

In the Ted talk Vaidhyanathan comes up with some good points on how people feel about technology but I don’t feel like his statements are true. Although people use google and the internet I don’t feel like people trust these platforms and when the general public uses Google or any other internet search engine we feel as if we have complete privacy. We understand google has no loyalty to us, that’s why many things don’t get searched for and personal information often doesn’t get put into the internet. The problem that we the people have is the fact that websites like google and other make it harder for you to access many things on the computer without putting in some type of personal information into there databases which I find completely wrong.

Due Assignment #10B Reading Response

Due Assignment #10B

One great example from pop culture of an imagined future it the popular movie iRobot released in the early 2000’s which featured Will Smith. The movie described a world controlled by technology and robots and showed a world that untimely became a place where human interaction started to die out. Humans in this movie had robots which they used as servants and instead of living life as intended everything became a world controlled by technology and what technology and do to help humans, not what humans can do to help themselves. Information in this film was controlled by robots and computers and it also showed how flawed human programming of these robots were because later on in the film robots started to develop human- like feelings, which was never intended to happen.

Assignment #6B Reading Response Blog

Assignment 6b

Martin’s book is available to read as a PDF because he wants people and researchers like himself  to understand the factors that come in between a researcher and their abilities to perform an efficient research as well as the people to obtain the information for free and see what there getting before hand. In my opinion Martins book chapter being available to read as a PDF on the web Is a prime example of scholarships being liberated because he isn’t charging people for information and letting anyone who wants information able to obtain it for free. Unlike other websites who make people pay, martin understands payment is yet another barrier between those who are less fortunate and key information that they may need to obtain.

Assignment #7B Reading Response Blog

Assignment #7B Reading Response Blog
The Freedom of Information Act or FOIA is an act that provides people the right to request access to federal agency records of information except for those records that are Protected from disclosure by special law enforcement record exclusions. The American agency that administers the work proposed in the Freedom of information act is the department of homeland security which is a department of the United States federal government that’s responsible for public safety in America. In my opinion I believe the FOIA act benefits citizens because it allows Americans to be aware of what’s going on in the government and build trust between citizens and the government, by the disclosure and transparency of these records it helps Americans such as myself feel safe within my country.

Assignment #3B. Reading Response Blog

In my opinion I believe that people should have the right to be forgotten and it doesn’t impose on our 1st amendment right of free speech. In a world that people’s lives are becoming increasingly less private due to social networks and the Internet footprints we leave, I believe that a person should be able to erase there cyber footprint by erasing there searches and content that they have put on the Internet. Due to the fact that anything uploaded and posted to the Internet doesn’t get erased actions commuted by someone during their adolescents can be dug up and used against them later on in there life,which isn’t fair. Although we have freedom of speech, we live in a world where a persons worlds can be misconstrued and twisted to be used against others in a harmful way. There have been many example of politicians, celebrities, and public figures that have had old tweets, Pictures, and Facebook post from their past used against them to discredit them and many of these times it results in to public slander and a loss of theirs jobs and sponsorship’s.

Assignment #2B Reading Response Blog

Corporate interest plays a intricate part in the information we, the people receive on a day to day basis. One example of this is the news that we receive on a daily basis about celebrities and pop culture figures. Due to major corporations trying to protect investments made into these specific people, in the past stars public person were more sheltered by corporations, which we large record companies like Sony music Group or Universal records. But now in the  age of media outlets such as TMZ and media takeout artist and socialites are more vulnerable then ever to be exposed for being the person they truly are instead of the persona cultivated by marketing teams at trier respective record labels. One example of this is Justin Bieber’s various run in with the laws and sketchy acts that he’s done in the past few year. Due to negative social media attentions he’s received, he lost sponsorship’s as well as the squeaky clean image he created for himself, these are things artist from past generations didn’t have to encounter.

Assignment #1B Reading Response Blog

Though out my years I’ve always been and avid reader, weather It was reading a newspaper article for me to do a current events paper in the 5th grade or weather I was skimming though one of my favorite hip hop websites to read an album review that was just released. One thing I’ve noticed about myself is the way I perceive digital articles in comparison to articles printed in a newspapers, books, and magazines. Being that many of us millennials have grown up children of the Internet age I personally find more validity in Printed works because of the plight it takes for a piece of written content to make it to print in comparison to digital articles that are published by many websites just in order to keep up with the mayhem of content continuously being flooded onto the Internet. Although I love the honesty that is provided in pieces written on digital platforms, for some reason I put more trust in major Publications because I feel like there are obligated to provide the truth and the people that work for them are some of the best taste makers in their field. Call me insane but in my opinion the digital still hasn’t caught up to Print in my eyes.