Assignment 2W


  1. Before this article was posted, why was it not properly reviewed and discarded if it is considered trash “in terms of journalism ethics?”
  2. Does unpublishing the story prevent the publishing company executive from suing Gawker?
  3. This article explains a lot about journalistic credibility, but was the story untrue or just in bad taste?


  1. Does the “right to be forgotten” apply only to individuals or does it also include corporations?
  2. Is the “right to be forgotten” not applicable to records such as criminal offenses? Or can that information also be deleted if the person who was charged had enough money to be able to delete the information?
  3. Since there is clear data and information about the lack of actual privacy on the internet in the US and countries associated with the US, why is the general populace still kept in the dark about this information?

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