Assignment 3B

I think people do have the right to be forgotten because if someone doesn’t want to give or share information about their personalities then they have the right to request to taken off information. So 1st amendment “free speech”, people have the “right to be forgotten’’ if the information is very personal and still exist on some websites, unfortunately your information still on those websites.

Digital identity is a collection of the each person information. Basically, if people use Facebook, Twitter, or some personal websites, these websites can save people basic information and may be tracked each time. There is no way to control these websites because when people sign up those websites, in their agreement letter it actually stands there and we accept it before reading through. Therefore, nobody can control it. In addition to that, people have to be very careful what they share or what they post because it may cause something in the future.

I am hundred percent sure the government controls everyone’s digital identity because in these days everybody share their ideas through their social media accounts and the government track each chosen words. If people post those words on their accounts they might get tracked by the government. Therefore, they basically monitor our lives.


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