Assignment 3B

I think people do have the right to be forgotten because it is their information and so they should be able to address what they want to share and what they don’t.  I don’t think the right to be forgotten clashes with the first amendment’s free speech rights because when it comes to sharing information a person has the right to their privacy. If they express (expression is what free speech is all about) that they don’t want certain information so easily available, then I think the right to be forgotten directly relates to a person’s privacy and how they feel they want their personal  information to be viewed.  I don’t feel press companies have the ability to put out what they want about a person.  For example, the Gawker article we just read is an example that press can’t just publicize everyhing about a person.

Digital identity is any online or network presence that is available via the internet that traces back to a person or organization: for example, an email address or website domain.  The organizations people use to create these identities are in control of our digital identity because they set up the privacy and security of our information.  For example, Facebook has control of our security and privacy when we use their platform to create a profile.


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