Summary of “From papyrus to pixels; The future of the book”

In the article, “From papyrus to pixels; The future of the book”, the economist gives a lot of insights on the difference between the digital and the printed book. Technology has changed the way information is distributed. New devices have made information more available and easy to access. This comes with a lot of worries for some print lovers, who might argue that the way books are read, sold and published is forever changing. While more efforts and time were put into copying a printed book, thousands of digital ones can be download in seconds.
The idea that digital books are here to eliminate their printed counterpart, is simply undermining the evolution of books, as the article states: “they (books) are a technology in their own right, one developed and used for refinement and advancement of thought.”

Question: what does the future reserve for printed books, giving that digital books are becoming popular?

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