Summary of “From papyrus to pixels; The future of the book”

In the article “From papyrus to pixel; The future of the book, The Economist digs deep into how many scholars and book enthusiasts believe technology has played a huge part on how readers choose to view published books lately.  From the beginning of time, when print was being established, many works were scarce and hard to retrieve.  Now you can easily download them on your computer as a PDF or simply read them on reading devices such as kindles, ipads, and nooks.  The Economist plainly states, “Books like de Officiis have not merely weathered history; they have helped shape it.  The ability they offer to preserve, transmit and develop ideas was taken to another level by Gutenberg and his colleagues”.  In conclusion, no matter how technology tends to progress over the years, printed books will always be of high significance in society and will continue to stay relevant.

Question: Do you believe printed books still have a chance in today’s society, being that a majority of technological devices are being used to read in place of them?

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