Research Projects

During my first semester in the Dental Hygiene Program at NYCCT, I was given a topic in my Histology & Embryology class, in which I had to research and present to the class. My topic was Lymphadenopathy and this was the PowerPoint I made and presented. 

Lymphadenopathy Zoar Hai


During my second semester in the Seminar portion of my DEN 1200 class, we were taught how to recognize evidence-based information and assess the reliability/validity of various products, methods & techniques being tested.

As part of the research project, we had to find a peer-reviewed research paper and based on how the study was constructed (the number of subjects, biased and/or unbiased information, etc.), we would analyze the experiments conducted and determine whether or not the information provided was evidence-based information! The research paper I critiqued was called ‘Effectiveness of Three Oral Hygiene Regimens on Oral Malodor Reduction: A Randomized Clinical Trial’

This helped developed my skill into making better recommendations for my patients in regards to products on the market or different methods/techniques used so that I can make a recommendation based on something proven to work and have therapeutic benefit.

This was the article published:

My response & article critique:

Article Critique


During my second semester, we also made a table clinic on a topic my colleagues and I had chosen and presented to our faculty members and head of the department. Our topic was ‘Halitosis’ or ‘Bad Breath’


Pediatric Role-play

During my final semester, a few of my colleagues and I were given scenario’s that involved how to appropriately manage pediatric patients. We researched information for this project video in order to provide the best possible information to the caregiver/parent of the child in the scenario’s given. We were later given excellent feedback and were told we were ‘experts’ in treating pediatric patients!