About Me

Hello! My name is Zehra Ahmad. I am currently a student studying Business of Fashion and Technology at The New York City College of Technology. I have obtained my Associates in Fashion Marketing already and learned so much about the fashion world. During my student career, I took classes such as Textiles, Fashion Merchandising, Entrepreneurship, and Visual Merchandising. In my e-portfolio, you will see the works I have done that reflects me.

In my portfolio, you will see different kinds of assignments that helped me get a better understanding of fashion. I have learned about the color wheel and the different kinds of values and tones colors have. I have also learned about methods that help you understand window displays. Also, I have learned about the elements of design and how fashion and art relates to each other. Finally, I have also done a press release, this gave a glimpse how the fashion industry works when they have fashion shows.

I choose Fashion as a major because I always had a passion for it. I love putting outfits together in different kinds of styles. I love to dress up, the touch of garments and how the silhouette looks on a individual. I believe fashion is a way to express yourself as in mood, style, and attitude. For my interests, I love photography, most of the places I go too I end up bring my camera with me and take pictures of the view or my outfit of the day. I also love to draw, shop, garden, and read a good book.

For my long term goals, I would love to open my own boutique or become a fashion stylist. I put in a lot of effort in my work so I can improve my skills and be better. I want to learn more about the fashion industry because after taking these classes I know there is so much more to fashion.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my portfolio.