A Look Into My World

In life I have witnessed many unfortunate situations; people experiencing difficulties due to their environment, and falling victim to their circumstances. My mother always told me that our responsibility is to help those who find themselves in less fortunate situations than we do. That message was engraved in my heart and mind forever, not only because it was something my mother said, but because it was also something she practiced. Feeling that it was my responsibility to help others, I did. And the more I helped the greater my satisfaction. I began to feel that there was nothing more rewarding than helping someone in need and witnessing them overcome whatever obstacle they faced. I am humbled by helping others and life has greater meaning when I do so, that is why I believe Human Services chose me, not the other way around.

When I was four, my father abandoned our family. My mother was both mom and dad for me. She worked two jobs and always kept a smile on her face. Even when times got rough she would say to me, “Baby, don’t worry, better days shall come.”At the time it was hard to believe, but she was right, better days did arrive, slowly but surely. No matter how hard life got for us my mother strived to make a better life for us, and she never crumbled.  Her example led me to have a strong belief that, one’s attitude will determine one’s altitude. Because in life many times there are situations we cannot change, the only thing we can do is change ourselves in order to deal with the circumstance at hand.  This belief served to increase my passion for helping others, yet again. If more people stopped falling victim to their situations and started taking control they would be able to overcome more than they think they can. My mother is a prime example.

The problem with my theory is that unfortunately people who don’t take control of their situations don’t do it because they don’t have the support system they need, not necessarily because they don’t want to.  Although you could do it on your own, reality is that when the world has done its job to bring you down you have very little courage to look that same world in the eye and fight back on your own. And that’s where I would like to come in.  I want to be the support people lack, the reminder, or that voice that lets people know they can do whatever they want to do.  No matter how big a task may be, it can be achieved. With hard work, determination, and one step at a time the sky is the limit.

A great deal of the positive attitude I have on life is thanks to my mom, but also to the rough childhood I had.  And oddly enough, I am also thankful for all the obstacles placed in my path.  Had it not been for them, my work ethic would not be what it is, my passion to want to see others do better would not be what it is, and my love for the Human Services field would not be what it is. They say you can’t appreciate the sunshine if you haven’t lived through the rain, and I know that’s true.

As a Human Service professional I know my ability to truly listen to a person will come in hand. I am very well aware that everyone has a story, and we all become the person we are today because of the experiences we had yesterday. And you would be surprised how many people just want to be heard, and what a difference can be made when you just listen. I find that a lot of people, even in dialogue, don’t listen. Because they are often too busy waiting for the next moment of silence for them to get a word out, and instead of listening to what that other person is saying, they are gathering thoughts of what is the next thing they will say when the opportunity reveals itself.

As a catholic woman I also believe that by serving others I am doing the work of God. Now I would never push my own beliefs on anybody, but I know that if you do good for others good will be done onto you. And what a beautiful cycle it is; what a benefit for humanity, if you helped someone, and in turn that someone goes along and helps someone else.

I am a realist. I know that just because my desire is to help others, doesn’t mean I can help everyone, or that everyone I come in contact with will be able to benefit from my services. But, if I in my journey have changed the life of just one person, well then already my mission has been completed, because that means the world is one person better than it was before.

I currently see myself working with the seniors.  They are a population that is often forgotten and not advocated for. There is currently a lot of neglect and abuse toward this population and I do believe I could be a good fit in helping change that. Many of them have experienced death and feel alone, and really need someone to listen, to make them feel like they still matter. Because they do, just because time has matured them doesn’t mean their opinions, thoughts, and feelings should be disregarded.

Working with this population could help me grow as an individual. My appreciation for life would definitely increase. A large number of seniors depend on others to do for them the things we do on an everyday basis without thinking twice about it, for example eating, bathing, walking, hearing, talking, etc. etc. etc. And it’s nice to think that maybe if I help someone who needs my help, maybe, just maybe, when I get to that stage in my life I will find someone to do the same for me.

Human Services is not a field I chose because I wanted to become rich, but rather because I wanted to enrich my life. I want to know that I went into work not only to push papers around from 9 to 5 but that I went into work to serve a purpose from the time I clocked in until the time I punched out. I love helping others, and what a blessing it would be to turn my love into my career.