Sample Course

Design & Color
ADV 1103 Foundation Drawing
ADV 1162 Raster & Vector Graphics
ADV 1167 Type & Media
ADV 1200 Graphic Design Principles II
BEOC 9999 Beoc Referral IP
CDMG 3532 Print Prod For Dsgns
COMD 2300 Communication Design I
COMD 2320 Intro Film/Video Prd
COMD 2327 Typographic Design II
COMD 2340 Digital Photography II
COMD 2400 Communication Design II
COMD 2427 Typographic Design III
COMD 2450 Web Design I D
EDU 2362 Methods Of Teaching
EDU 3440 Transportation Sys
ENG 92R Dev Reading II
GRA 1111 Graphic Communications Wkshp
GRA 2330 Digital Photography
MAT 1190 Quantitative Reasoning
PSY 2301 Child Psychology
WKSHP 1275 MAT 1275 Workshop

EDU 2362 Methods Of Teaching

Complete English Composition
ENG 1101 English Comp I
ENG 1121 English Comp II
Complete Mathematical and Quantitative Reasoning
MAT 1275 College Algebra/Trig
Complete Life and Physical Sciences
PHYS 1111 Prin Of Science 1
Complete World Cultures and Global Issues
AFR 1130 African Folklore
Complete U.S. Experiences in Its Diversity
HIS 1111 US History Since 1865
Complete Creative Expression
THE 2180 Intro To Theatre
Complete Individual and Society
PSY 1101 Intro To Psych
Complete Scientific World
PHYS 1112 Prin Of Sci 2
Additional Liberal Arts Course
PHYS 1000 The Physical Universe
Complete Additional Upper Level Lib. Arts
PHIL 2106 Philosophy Of Tech
Credits Applied: 14

EDU 2455 Special Need Student
EDU 3630 Stud Learn Outcomes
EDU 3640 Computers In Educ
EDU 3670 Mthds Literacy Inst in Tech Ed
EDU 3681 Internship in CTE