Hello, welcome to my eportfolio! My name is Yudenys Cepeda, I am 20 years old and here you will find my work done throughout the semester. In this portfolio, three units consisting of an edited discourse community statement ,edited annotated bibliography and edited multimodal project will be reviewed along with a final reflection that will  be presented for an overall intake on what I learned. I want my final reflection to be the most focused on, since it’s describing my overall process and growth throughout this term as a writer and as an individual. This term has been a roller coaster both academically and emotionally. During this term I’ve learned so much about myself as a person and as a writer. In order to put together this eportfolio, I have to revise my work. My peers and professor provided feedback on the work I have submitted. I will implement those feedback on my edited work to use my best work here for my portfolio. I will also provide one additional paper that has a more personal approach about my life. Feel free to navigate through my eportfolio, and read my edited work.