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In 1921, a little shack in Wichita Kansas opened its window. And by the end of the day, with a $3.75 profit in his pocket Walter Anderson knew he was on to something. White Castle was founded in 1921, which was a partnership between Walter Anderson “The Cook” and Billy Ingram “The Real-estate Agent”. Anderson Came up with making the first Hamburger which then he was able to open up his own hamburger stand. In 1921, Billy Ingram joined Anderson in a new location which they called White Castle.  The White Castle menu was the hamburger, served on a bun with grilled onions.  From the beginning, White Castle restaurants had the distinct look of a castle on the exterior. Billy Ingram bought out Walter Anderson share in the company. Billy Ingram sold the Hamburger sliders for five cent in 1921.By 1941; he sold the burgers for ten cents.

White Castle influenced the other fast food restaurants like McDonalds. White Castle sold the very first Hamburger and was the first to invent it, so then every other fast food restaurant started to sell hamburgers as well. The White Castle logo used to be in black and white and in a shape of a castle. It was in black and white because it was just the beginning of the whole burger proses, but now the White Castle logo is in blue, yellow and white but still in a castle form. White Castle changed their designs a few times but not as much. Billy Ingram then decided to just make the castle on the logo more in a square shape. Till this day the White Castle Logo had been the same since 2001.



The first White Castle restaurant in Ohio was built in Cincinnati in 1927.


The old White Castle logo when Billy Ingram and Walter Anderson first opened their very first White Castle in 1921.


The new White Castle logo which has been an improvement but same concept as the old logo.




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