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Pocky Commercial Sketch


final 1It is the first day of the semester, Billy is eating lunch alone.

final 2Billy takes out his Pocky after he finish his meal. The boy who sits next to him opened his mouth wide.

final 3Tony loves to eat Pocky too. His saliva is dripping down.

final 4Billy realizes that Tony loves Pocky too.

final 5So Billy shares his Pocky with Tony.

final 6Pocky is a snack that can share with your friends.

Assignment #9

Project #3/ Pocky Brief and Script

Target Audience: kids from 14 to 18 years

Product features: Glico Pocky is sweet chocolate coated biscuit sticks. One box of Pocky contain 3 bags of biscuit sticks.

Benefits: kids get snacks on their lunch bag that doesn’t require much space to store and tasty snacks bring everyone together.

Tone: warm, sweet

Ad will play: in the kids channel like kids thirteen or Disney’s channel

Competitors: Fran from Meiji, Toppo from Lotte, Kari Poli from Kabaya (all stick biscuit covered with flavor)

Objective: Pocky is a tasty and convenience snack. The tasty Pocky bring joy and happiness.

Advertising appeals: fun and friendship involve from eating Pocky

Script #1: It is the first day of school, Billy is eating lunch alone. When he takes out a box of Pocky, the kid who sits next to him, Tony, opened his mouth wide because he loves to eat Pocky too. Billy noticed that and then he shares his Pocky with Tony. They are eating the tasty Pocky and laughing together. The commercial ends with the three flavors of Pocky.

Script #2: Two best friend that is also Pocky lover is going to shopping for snack together. When they got to the Pocky section, they see there is only 1 packs of Pocky left so they race with each other to try to buy it. They pull and squeeze each other from running to the shelf. All the sudden, a 14 years kids goes to the shelf grabs the Pocky. The two best friend freezes while they are squeezing each other. They can do nothing besides watching the kid walks away with the Pocky.