I thought this project was cool.  I was over at one of my friends house during the summer and saw he had a few nerf guns.  We were playing with them and I thought that it might be fun if we could figure out how to set up the guns to fire on there own when ever someone would get within range of it.  We talked about hiding the nerf guns in his living room and whenever someone walks in, they would get shot.


I always thought that RC cars/planes were interesting.  I especially like the ones that the military uses.  The controller could be in one country and the drone or car could be in another.  When i saw this it reminded me of that.  I would like to make something like this and put a camera on it.  I could be in school and have the car at home and have it roam around to see what goes on, like for security.


I really like this one.  Arduino playing the game Super Mario.  The Arduino was doing everything a real person would be doing, it even took the shortcut routes.  I was reading how this whole thing worked but didn’t really understand it.  The creator mentioned you needed to download a movie file for the game and load that into an SD card, but the part that was interesting to me and couldn’t figure it out was how the Arduino used the movie file to play the game.