We offer workshops on a variety of topics to help you get through the term. They’re held on Thursdays from 1-2 pm, and you’ll be able to ask questions and work on your own assignments! If you have to miss a workshop, you can find the recording on our YouTube page.

Workshop Zoom link:

Meeting ID: 812 9601 9494 Passcode: 144401

Avoiding Procrastination (Thu 9/9, 1-2 pm): Yes, we all do it. No lie. In this workshop, we’ll talk about how to deal with things like time management and strategies for getting set up well for the term. (Amber Slater)

Active Reading Strategies (Thu, 9/23, 1-2 pm): This workshop introduces a range of active reading strategies to help you learn effectively through texts in all disciplines. (Juanita But, Rob Ostrom)

Understanding Assignments (Thu 9/30, 1-2 pm): Assignments are hard to write and sometimes hard to understand. We’ll look at what specific words mean in written assignments, and how to craft your papers and responses. (Margo Goldstein)

Getting Started (Thu, 10/7, 1-2 pm): Intimidated by the blank page? Don’t be! The Writing Center is here to help! This workshop will present students with a variety of strategies for getting started on assignments that are tripping them up! These strategies include outlining, free-writing, mind-mapping, brainstorming, and more! Don’t know what those words mean? Don’t worry! Come to a Getting Started Workshop, and we’ll explain everything, and even work with you to start getting YOUR thoughts down on that blank page! (Benny Morduchowitz, Amber Slater)

Annotating (Thu, 10/14, 1-2 pm): Annotating is a way to focus on what we think is important in a text, and talk back to the writer. This workshop will give you tools to help you do better annotations. (Juanita But, Rob Ostrom)

Using Your Professor’s Feedback (Thu, 10/21, 1-2 pm): Sometimes it’s hard to understand what the instructor is actually saying to you when you get your drafts back. This workshop will help you make sense of it and give you some tips about how to integrate that feedback into your revisions. (Margo Goldstein)

Revision Strategies (Thu, 10/28, 1-2 pm AND Thu 11/18, 1-2 pm): Learn how to do a reverse outline — a powerful tool to help you analyze and revise your work. You’ll take apart a short essay, see what the paragraphs are doing, and learn how to re-organize them… and even figure out what you’re really saying. (Amber Slater, Jacquelyn Blain)

Sentence Flow (Thu 11/4, 1-2 pm): This workshop will provide tips on how to make sentences flow — the sentence itself and from sentence to sentence — as you build your essays.

Sentence Level Choices (Thu, 11/11, 1-2 pm): Potential topics may include but are not limited to: -fragments/run-ons -syntax (the order you put your words in) -commas (Benny Morduchowitz, Amber Slater)