#6, Due Mon 8/17, 10am

Due M, 8/17, 10a

NOTE: Please finish this assignment before 10a on Monday, so we can discuss at our final Zoom meeting.  Remember: revised versions of Essay 1 and your Essay 2 outline will be due in your final portfolio on Tuesday, along with: your five article summaries, 2 revised OpenLab assignments (including your midterm), and your Final Exam (to be given out on Monday).

Part I
Essay 1 Revisions: Read the feedback you received on your Essay 1 and begin revising it.  Re-read your entire essay at least twice—once after reading the feedback and once after adding, re-organizing, and otherwise changing your material.

Part II
Read the last two Essay 2 articles—on protests during the pandemic—to get ideas for your essay:
9. Dan Diamond, “Suddenly, Public Health Officials Say Social Justice Matters More Than Social Distance”
10. Chelsea Janes. “Protests probably didn’t lead to coronavirus spikes, but it’s hard to know for sure”

–Summarize 1 of these texts and save it as a Google Doc in your Google Drive portfolio.

Part III
Brainstorm and outline for your Essay 2.
  Share your essay outline as a comment below; please include the following items in your outline

Essay 2 Outline
–Title/Author of an Article on this Topic you will summarize (can be one of the above readings):
–Your thesis (on whether and how protests should be happening during the Covid pandemic—and your reasons why

–Reason 1 supporting your thesis (topic of body paragraph 1)
–Reason 2 supporting your thesis (topic of body paragraph 2)

–1 related story you can tell that will support your thesis (3-4 notes on the key events and characters of this story will be fine for now)

–1 quotation from the article you’ve chosen that you want to discuss

–1 counter-argument (a perspective that disagrees with your thesis/opinion)

–1 point you will make to refute the counter-argument (why you think the counter-argument is wrong)

4 thoughts on “#6, Due Mon 8/17, 10am”

  1. Noemie
    Author: Larry Elders
    Title: Where’s Black Lives Matter When You Need them?
    Topic: police violence
    Thesis: “There is no epidemic of racist cops killing black suspects.”
    Reasons / Details Supporting Thesis: “
    In recent years, the police have averaged killing about 1,000 Americans per year. Of that number, half are white and one-quarter are black, with the race of remaining suspects of another race or unknown.”
    “The No. 1 reason for death, preventable or otherwise for young black men, is homicide, almost always at the hands of another young black man.”
    “Cops are more hesitant, more reluctant, to use deadly force against a black suspect than against a white suspect”

    In Larry Elder’s ,Where’s Black Lives Matter when you need them? Elder disagrees with cops being the reason for black people dying everyday, as the population has decreased about 80% since the late 60s. He believes most black men die from homicide.Elder mentions that cops are more hesitant to use deadly force against a black man then a white man. He mentioned how a police officer is 18.5 times more likely to be killed by a black man than an unarmed black man. I don’t agree with all that Elder has to say. I feel as though many cops are the reason for why so many black men die. If police were not the reason for the deaths of black men people wouldn’t be wanting to abolish or defund the police. People wouldn’t be saying there is an epidemic of police violence against africans africans that must be stopped. In the article Policing: A Public Good Gone Bad by Tracey.L.Meares , Meares quotes “ In 1966, James Baldwin wrote . . . , “the police are simply the hired enemies of this population. They are present to keep the Negro in his place and to protect white business interests, and they have no other function.“What do you do with an institution whose core function is the control and elimination of black people specifically, and people of color and the poor more broadly? You abolish it.”. I don’t agree with Elder because since the 1700s officers killed black men though they weren’t officers they were slave patrols and just because we aren’t in that time doesn’t mean some people feel as thought we should be.

  2. topic: With all the new cases of coronavirus we’ve recently had might not have connection with all the

    protests that’s going on.

    Title/Author: Chelsea Janes “protests probably didn’t lead to coronavirus spikes, but its hard to know for sure”. The author talks about the protests might not be the cause for corona virus spikes but is unsure .

    my thesis: I think that if people are taking the precautions they need too as wearing a mask having social distance they should protest. Theres a very huge message that needs to be heard and a pandemic shouldn’t stop people from spreading this important message.

    reason 1: With the events that are happening with police right now the message needs to be heard and I think this pandemic is kinda stopping people from doing so. But there are still lots of people that going out there and protesting while also taking precautionary moves as wearing masks and social distance.

    reason 2: Protesting isn’t the biggest blame for coronavirus cases spiking as in the article I read this lots of evidence to support my reasoning. People that got tested that when to protests only very few tested positive, if protests was really the main cause for covid-19 cases spiking then it would all over the us in the news the government would take huge steps but it wasnt.

    1 quote: A quote from the article that really stuck out to me says”according to King County Health Officer Jeff
    Duchin. Nearly 3,000 people who said they were at protests have been tested by the city, and fewer than 1 percent were positive, Duchin said.” This quote really stuck out to me cause you see here the evidence from a health officer fewer then 1% were positive from nearly 3000 people.

    counterclaim: Although I gave evidence supporting my thesis I cannot say that protest were not the cause for some of the cases increase. The people who tested positive for corona how many other people got infected from it that was in the crowd that we don’t know about.

    But that argument is wrong because if large majority of crowds would’ve gotten infected with the virus then it would’ve turned into something huge. Many states recorded cases after the protests and majority of them didn’t have such a huge spike.

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