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I made a space for you

So it is Christmas Eve, and I thought: why not give all my students and myself a present. A meaningful present. Why not make an OpenLab site where we literally have no assignments. We say creative stuff that we want.

And we invite ANYONE who EVER took one of my classes at CityTech — and survived!

Boom. You are now a published writer. You’re welcome.

See the drop-down menu, above, for specific writing ideas if you need them. I will call them UN-assignments for now. Or feel free to write what you want to from your heart or head and post it here.

We can all create this. No need to wait for instructions any more.


Blue is the color of the sky. We all know that; but, how do we know it? I remember Abba once telling me the reason as we were driving home from school one day. Why is the sky blue? I asked. And I got one of those answers he always gave me, and his answer included words that were ahead of my age. Science. Reasons. Light refractions. And I came away with the impression that the sky wasn’t blue really, but might have the color it was for another reason entirely, and that, because of the apparatus of perception (the mind, the eyes), it just looked that way.

Like, the sky was blue to me. And it might not be blue to you, or you, or you.

The feelings I get from blue appeal to me.

I think of sky when I see blue.

Blue makes me think of G-d.

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