Hello Class-


As we spoke about in class last Thursday this week, you’ll be taking your Midterm, and I will be grading your sketchbooks.

10/19 Midterm Exam:

Your Midterm consists of a Written and a Drawn Portion.  The Written Portion we reviewed for during class.  To prepare you should review all of the previous CLASS WORK, here on Openlab.

The Drawn Portion is one still life drawing, created in the same way as you have done in previous weeks of class, drawn to the best of your ability.

10/19 Midterm Sketchbook Review:

Be sure you have completed all previous weeks’ sketchbook prompts and feel free to include additional sketches.

10/26 Midterm Portfolio:

I’m you all giving one additional week to assemble the Mid Term Portfolio.  It may include any drawings from class, additional outside of class drawings, and and Homework Assignments. (*You may also include sketches from your sketchbook, but you’d need to scan them and print them nicely to include them prior to me collecting your sketchbooks for grading on Thursday. )

Include 5 -7 of your best drawings for review.  Go with quality over quantity.  Be sure the work looks neat – presentation counts! Be sure your work is presented in a portfolio of some kind, here is one option, go with something economic.  Be sure your name is on your portfolio.

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