Entry 16

Have you ever reached the end of a project, or work and wished it continued? This was the lukewarm feeling I had in the final weeks of my internship. I was happy that I finished, not because I hated it but because by the end of the semester I knew that all my other classwork and projects would soon overwhelm me. The internship, however, was so fun, although I haven’t met anyone in person since I started in the summer; I got the chance to meet everyone during the holiday party. Everyone was friendly and we joked a lot about school and the fact that now I was basically the only one on the design team that was a student. Ending the internship on a pleasing note made all the work I’ve done over the semester even better. For my client the Dental Hygiene Clinic, I finished the work for them right on the reading day. It was such a relief to see all my hard work pay off.

Ironically, despite it being done and the client loved it, I still felt like I could further the design. For my second client the Eyeglasses clinic, I did not finish till the last day of the internship. The client didn’t answer my emails till the last moment, which was very frustrating. However, I finished the final pieces and emailed them to them. Hopefully, soon everyone will see those designs on the tv monitors of the Academic, Naam, Pearl, and Voorhees Buildings.

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