Whitney Houston captured the hearts of million, including mines. She is an Icon. One of the reason she’s an icon is because she re-did the song “I Will Always Love You” that was originally made by Dolly Patron and made the song her own. A lot of people including myself once again had to find out later on that she did not originate the song. Houston’s funeral was viewed by millions of fans and celebrities. The people in New Jersey tried to denied planes from flying across the sky in Whitney’s memory because she was a drug addict, but the Governor Chris Christie over ruled the people and let the plans fly. A lot of the youth never will hear this talented woman sing and act and it’s such a shame.

Whitney Houston’s Will Description.

Whitney Houston has gained her fame and fortune through her wondrous voice and her amazing music. Her death was a complete shock to the music world and to her fans. Her will is very descriptive and very far from easy to understand for a person with little legal knowledge. The first disposition in her will was a general deposition. She left her furnishings and personal properties in her home to “any” of her children. Whitney left the portions in the discretion of the Executor. And was given the option to sell the personal property and include it in her residuary clause. 
If no child were to survive Whitney Houston, she would leave all her jewelry to her mother Emily Cissy Houston. The rest of her tangible personal property would be distributed amicably to Emily Houston, father, John Houston, husband Robert Brown, brothers Michael and Gary Houston. If the family couldn’t come to an agreement the Executor is to sell the property and include it in her residuary clause. 
Her Residuary Estate to be distributed per stirpes to her issue if they survive her. A decedent who is a beneficiary of her will who also is under 30 years of age will not receive their gift out right. Trustee will hold gift in a separate trust. If no issue survive Whitney Houston her residuary estate will be paid in equal share to Emily Houston, John Houston, Robert Brown, Michael and Gary Houston.
In Whitney Houston’s she has two separate trusts. In which are used for her brothers Gary and Michael Houston and her beneficiaries who are below the age 30.For the beneficiaries who are under 30, the trustee may from time to time pay them for specific things. They are to be paid one-tenth of the principal when the beneficiary reaches age 21. One-sixth of the principal when they are 25 years old. The entire remaining principal will be paid in full when they reach 30. The trust for her brothers Gary and Michael may get paid for maintenance reasons,  support, care, engagement, marriage, acquisition of a home, birth of a child, commencement of a new business enterprises or continuance of an existing one, medical requirements and vacations. Trustees are also to distribute how they see appreciate to the beneficiaries.  

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Legal Issues

After Whitney’s death her ex husband, Bobby Brown fought the Houston family for some of Whitney’s estate. They were divorced in 2007, and Whitney signed a Prenup, therefore bobby gets nothing from her Estate and everything from the Estate goes directly to Bobbi Kristina, and special items will be distributed through out the family as describe in her Will. Whitney’s mother, Cissy does not want Bobby around Bobbi-Kristinia because she does not want Bobbi to influence her to give him any of her money to him. I really don’t know how Bobby would influence her to give him anything when Bobbi-Krisitina’s in the hospital fighting for her own life. In because Bobbi-Kristina’s in the hospital fighting for her life she will definitely need a Contingency plan. She does not know how to manage money on her own. Bobby Brown will not be considered one of the people that could help her because he tried to receive some of Whitney’s money before. Another issues is that Whitney was broke and did not have any money to distribute. Whitney’s lawyers denied the rumors because she just finish the movie sparkle and she won her lawsuit again her step mother, Barbara Houston in 2008. I found my information from the following sites.

Biography of Whitney Houston



Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston

Whitney Elizabeth Houston, an American singer and actress, was born August 9, 1963 in Newark, New Jersey to Cissy and John Russell Houston, Jr. Whitney got her start singing in the church choir at New Hope Baptist Church, led by her mother, Cissy.  As Whitney became a teenager, she often performed alongside her mother and was preparing herself for a singer career. Whitney was a model, and was one of the first African American women to appear on the cover of Seventeen Magazine.

Clive Davis, an Arista Records record producer, signed Whitney to a recording contract, and she released her debut album in 1987, entitled Whitney, at the age of 22.  The album earned Whitney her first of seven Grammy awards.  In addition to singing and modeling, she also crossed over into acting, winning major roles in The Bodyguard and Waiting to Exhale.  Her last movie appearance was in the remake of Sparkle, released in 2012.

On July 18, 1992, Whitney married R&B singer, Bobby Brown.  They had one daughter, Bobbi Kristina, born March 4, 1993.  The couple divorced 15 years later in 2007.  By the early 2000’s, Whitney’s career suffered because of her troubled marriage, drug abuse and health issues.  On February 11, 2012, Whitney Houston died in Los Angeles, California at the age of 48, due to the effects of heart disease and drug usage.








Music Legend: Whitney Houson

Reflections on the Last Will and Testament


The Last Will and Testament of Whitney Houston was an interesting read.  There were a couple of key points that stood out to me.  In article four, Whitney Houston stipulated the terms of how much and when her issue would receive benefits from their trusts, which I personally felt was a wise decision.  In article four, any issue under the age of 30, receives a fraction of distributions from their separate trusts in five year intervals.  For Whitney Houston’s only child, Bobbi Kristina, she received one-tenth of the principal at the age of twenty-one,  and will get one-sixth of the remaining principal  at the age of twenty-five, and the entire remaining principal, along with all accrued and undistributed income, when she reaches the age of thirty.

Another interesting point in this will is the fiduciaries assigned to be Executor and Trustee.  In the original Last Will and Testament, her attorney Sheldon Platt, was the executor and one of the trustees, along with her sister-in-law Donna Houston.  On her codicil dated, February 3, 1993, she made her mother, Cissy Houston the executor, and assigned her sister-in-law and brother, Donna and Michael, as trustees.  Near the end of article ten, Whitney acknowledged the conflict of interest that may come about from her choices, but noted that she had total confidence in their abilities to carry out their fiduciary duties.

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