Top WeBWorK Students for this week

I hope you are having fun at all of your classes! This post is to acknowledge the great work that some of the students participating in the leaderboard competitions are doing.MAT1475

  • BILL is leading the MAT1475 global leaderboard with 24 earned achievements and 37.1% collected achievements points. IRIC is next with  23 earned achievements, and  36% collected achievements points. FAISAL got the bronze medal with 25 earned achievements and 34.6% collected achievements points. We see here that the scores are so close to each other and the competition between MAT1475 classes is on fire!! 


  • MAT1375 students are doing tremendous work! ANONYMOUS is on the top of the list and has collected 44.5% of the achievements points so far. We also have MERAB second with 42.6% collected achievements points and KP third with 39.7% collected achievements points. 


  • K is leading the MAT1375CO global leaderboard with 32 earned achievements and 62.4% collected achievements points. HIGGINS is second with 31 earned achievements, and  61.5% collected achievements points. SAHESHA is third with 31 earned achievements and 60.8% collected achievements points.

Big applause to all these students who are on top of their assignments, and to all students who are working hard to collect more achievements points. You are doing Great!! Keep up being productive and good luck on the midterms.


Hello world!

Big welcome to all City Tech students who are participating in the WeBWorK Leaderboards.

First, I would like to thank you all for taking the time to participate in the Leaderboards’ competitions. You are doing great!

Succeeding in math courses often requires a lot of problem solving, which might not be always fun if there’s a lack of motivation; however, using WeBWorK Leaderboards can make this practice fun, challenging and rewarding!

Participating in these Leaderboards competitions is a great way to improve yourself, communicate better with your classmates, and develop great critical thinking.

Always remember that “Practice makes perfect”, so keep up with the good work and watch yourself growing!