Waste Generation Prediction documents

“Projecting municipal solid waste: The case of Hong Kong SAR”

“Forecasting municipal solid waste generation in a fast-growing urban region with system dynamics modeling”

“Municipal solid waste generation in municipalities: Quantifying impacts of household structure, commercial waste and domestic fuel”

“A model for estimating construction waste generation index for building project in China”

“The environmental comparison of landfilling vs. incineration  of MSW accounting for waste diversion”

“An analysis of recycling impacts on solid waste generation by time series intervention modeling”

“Household solid waste generation and characteristic in a Mekong Delta city, Vietnam”

“Estimating municipal solid waste generation by different activities and various resident groups: A case study of Beijing”

“National and regional generation of municipal residue biomass and the future potential for waste-to-energy implementation” 

“Future waste generation Forecasts on the basis of a macroeconomic model”

“A mathematical model to predict the composition and generation of hospital wastes in Iran”

“FRIDA: A model for generation and handling of solid waste in Denmark”

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