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We live in a vibrant, bustling city where anything is possible, so let’s take advantage! We list events related to VR & AI that may be of interest to our members. Events highlighted in BLUE are events we will attend as a group, but if you’re interested in something, feel free to reach out or stop by to gather a group!






 9/20-9/21 –  NYCML Summit 2018 – $30 for students/faculty

“NYC Media Lab’s annual Summit is a snapshot of the best thinking, projects and talent from across the City’s corporate, university and innovation ecosystems. The event will include panels and keynotes on the future of the media and technology industries; 100 emerging technology demonstrations; startup pitches; and 12+ interactive workshops.”


9/22-9/23 –  World Maker Faire New York – $30/day; $50/weekend

“Maker Faire is a celebration of invention, creativity and curiosity. Get immersed in maker culture with more than 800 exhibits, interactive art, hands-on making and learning. The 2-day event features robotics, science, the future of food, electronics, fire and much more! Come for one or both days, there are several ticket prices available.”


10/13 –  New Lab’s Annual Open House Party – Free for the public – Brooklyn Navy Yard

“New Lab will be open to the public for an evening of member open studios, art and tech installations, food trucks, open bar, and live music by Slavic Soul Party. ”

About New Lab: “We are home to over 500 entrepreneurs working in advanced technologies—including AI, robotics, IoT, blockchain, urban tech, medtech and more—and provide resident space, on-site product realization, specialized programming, and access to a network of city agencies, leading corporations, venture capitalists, and domain experts.”


10/14 – VR That Doesn’t Suck – Free for the public, Chelsea, Manhattan

“A comprehensive pop-up exhibition of all the good virtual reality experiences, for one day only. VR That Doesn’t Suck is a comprehensive gathering of every single virtual reality experience that doesn’t disappoint or underwhelm, packed into a gallery for one evening only. Each VR experience on display was hand-selected by curator Jason Eppink for its ability to completely fulfill the promise of VR: transformative, world-changing, immersive experiences that upend the moving image tradition and represent a monumental shift in how we understand the world…and ourselves.”


10/25-27 –  NYVR Expo –  Free for students (Registration required) – Javits Center, Manhattan

“NYVR brings together the best and brightest individuals in the industry pushing the boundary of possible, showcasing the latest virtual worlds, augmented experiences, and groundbreaking hardware that is redefining reality. For the second year, NYVR will return to the Javits Center, October 25-27, with more exhibitors and a renewed focus on education and visionary perspectives from thought-leaders.”


11/8  –  A Crossroads of Opportunity: Virtual Reality, Media Art, and Medicine Today – Free – Midtown, NYC

“This panel will bring together healthcare professionals with artists and researchers using technology meant for healing and pain management in their creative practice.”


11/17 – Virtual Reality Day ’18 – Free – Soho, NYC

“Celebrate global Virtual Reality Day by attending this local event near you. Learn and experience from different VR/AR demonstrations. Become educated about virtual and augmented reality. Have your first virtual reality experience. Ask questions. Meet the local VR/AR community.”


11/28 – Education and Research @ The Convergence of Disruptive Technologies w Dr. Vikram Kapila – Free for students, Refreshments Avail – NYCCT Voorhees V-509

“In this talk, I will lay out the evolution of education and research activities in my laboratory. Having prepared for an academic career in control system technology, two decades ago I started to develop a hands-on control engineering program which transformed into an area of intense academic and research interest, focused on mechatronics, in my laboratory. A decade ago, with the arrival of smart mobile devices (smartphones and tablets), my laboratory focused its efforts on mechatronics and robotics with applications to natural and intuitive human-machine interaction as well as health and wellness. More recently, having observed the rapid progress in several emerging technologies and their potential for broad societal impact, my laboratory has transitioned its activities to explore and perform education and research at the convergence of robotics, artificial intelligence, augmented reality/virtual reality, and blockchain technologies. Throughout this talk, I will showcase numerous examples of our research products through videos.”


11/29 – Exploring Future Reality – $30 for students

“NYC Media Lab will host the fourth annual Exploring Future Reality conference, a day-long event focused on the impact of VR/AR on industry and society, including best practices for storytelling, prototyping, and distribution.”


11/29 – Engineering Resume Writing Workshop (RSVP)- Free for students – NYCCT Voorhees V-511

Nelly from PDC will be presenting a resume writing workshop tailored for engineers in room V-511 for all interested students. RSVP at the link above.


12/5 – Existential Medicine #2: Augmented Humanity – Free – New Lab, Brooklyn Navy Yard

“In part two [of Existential Medicine], we unpack Augmented Humanity and the human body as a connected device. Underscoring the importance of emotional intelligence, we ask: how can this technology build upon the most powerful humanistic attributes that differentiate us from machines? The evening will explore the future of surgical robotics, connected implants, and what augmentations mean for human performance, the body, and medicine.”


12/8 –  AfroFutura  – Free for public – Clinton Hill, Brooklyn

“AFROFUTURA IS a FREE, all-day and all ages EXPLORATION designed to get EMERGING TECHNOLOGY in the hands of people who are neglected, unexperienced, and undereducated, AND most importantly to to get those people thinking about technology as MEDIUM for CREATIVITY and  EMPOWERMENT.”

“GrowHouse NYC is a multigenerational, multidisciplinary and multimedia incubator and residency program where makers of color and other under-represented groups feel safe and empowered to debut works in progress, collaborate with each other and like-minded organizations, and experiment with emerging media and technology.”


2/6 – Could Machines Learn Like Humans? – Free 

“Observation alone is enough for humans to learn complex tasks in short order. Machine learning, in contrast, requires active supervision. French computer scientist Yann LeCun will talk about the latest on deep learning, and explain his hypothesis that “self-supervised learning of predictive world models is an essential missing ingredient of current approaches to AI.””


2/2-2/24 Weekends – BKLYN Winter Games VR Tournament – $10 per entry

“City Point Brooklyn will host a series of VR and gaming tournaments in February. Prizes include a PS4 Pro, RTX 2070 Video Card, and free tickets to the Alamo Draft House in Downtown Brooklyn.”


2/21 – 2nd Annual Art in VR – $5

The NYVR Meetup group is “extremely excited to officially announce our 2nd annual Art in VR event. We have lined up the best VR/AR artists in the city for a night of demo’s and networking. Below is a link to the complete lineup. We will also be featuring a friendly tiltbrush drawing competition. Don’t miss this one!!!”


2/24 – Pop-up VR Theater on Canal Street – $10

“Join Black Public Media and Movers & Shakers as they co-host a pop-up VR theater at 352 Canal Street in the emerging gallery area near SOHO and Chinatown. ”


2/26 – AWE Nite NYC (at RLab) – $5

“AR Enthusiasts! Join us at the RLab – home of the new NYC-funded AR and VR lab at the Brooklyn Navy Yard for a magnificent evening packed with AR experiences. If you are into AR – you must check it out!”


2/25-2/28 – Free Intro to Unity Course – Free

Lehman College is offering a free course “Introduction to the Unity Platform”, which will  consist of “Introduction to Unity, Scene Building, Enhancing application, Animations and UI.” RSVP by Feb 22.


3/18 – Build AR & VR Applications with Amazon Sumerian – Free

Participants in this bootcamp will learn how to get started with Amazon Sumerian and receive support while they work on creating their own applications.


3/18 – Future of AR/VR Marketing – $5

The NYVR Meetup group is “excited to partner with Amazon on an amazing evening exploring the future of marketing thru the use of immersive technology. Samantha Wolfe will be moderating a panel discussion consisting of top leaders in the space as well as representatives from the Sumerian Engineering Team. In addition, we will be featuring several demo’s that are pushing the boundaries of immersive marketing.”


3/18 – UGLY ROBOTS, IMPERFECT AI & SMART MACHINES: The Good, The Bad & The Naïve – $17.50 (incl food)

“Artificial Intelligence is here, but are we all being wildly optimistic? The public has no idea what they are getting themselves into — the benefits, the horrors and the “meh”….. Our five amazing expert panelists will delve into the nonsense, the reality, the timing and the $$ in a think-tank type discussion… Plus Pizza, Soda & Brownies from Microsoft Reactor, Essence Water from Hint, Gourmet Sandwiches from McCarter & English & Wine from Dana!!”


3/19 – Humans, Algorithms and Ethics? (Baruch College Ethics Week) – Free

“The use of learning algorithms has grown dramatically in recent years and businesses have been quick to realize the monetization potential of big data analysis and automation. Algorithms are used in crucial decision-making points, such as to sway hiring and admission decisions, set insurance premium rates, and even inform judicial rulings. In a data-driven world, a lot can go wrong: Algorithmic decision-making could result in errors, bias, manipulation, and the risk of perpetuating social injustices. This brave new world also means changes in human behavior and adjustments of currently entrenched social norms. Comprised of leading scholars in the field of law and technology, this panel is dedicated to unpacking the reciprocal influence of humans and algorithms and the importance of ethics in this ongoing relationship. ”


3/21 – Our Brain on A.I. – Free

“Learn about the human and social implications of artificial intelligence and machine learning through the concerns and questions of NYC teens. This discussion is part of an ongoing initiative to engage more students in STEM learning and careers.”


3/26 – AWE Nite NYC (at RLab) – $5

“AR Enthusiasts! Join us at the RLab – home of the new NYC-funded AR and VR lab at the Brooklyn Navy Yard for a magnificent evening packed with AR experiences. If you are into AR – you must check it out!”


3/28 – The Future of Data Justice – Community Power and Data-Driven Systems – Free

“Based in Charlotte’s, Detroit’s, and Los Angeles’ most marginalized urban neighborhoods, Our Data Bodies (ODB) has been in the field since 2015, consulting with community members about their experiences with data collection and data-driven systems. The Digital Equity Lab’s Greta Bryrum will moderate a discussion with Our Data Bodies’ team.”


3/28 – How AI and Robots Can Diversify Human Thinking, Not Replace it – Free

“”Automation Anxiety” has a long history, with widespread pronouncements about the imminent loss of jobs to Automation in the 1950s, 1960s, and 1980s. Instead of a hypothetical Singularity, UC Berkeley professor Ken Goldberg proposes “Multiplicity”, where diverse groups of humans work together with diverse groups of machines to innovate and to solve complex problems.”


4/3 – Data Science Day 2019 – $30 Students

“Join us for demos and lightning talks by Columbia researchers presenting their latest work in data science. The event provides a forum for innovators in academia, industry and government to connect. Networking reception for industry, faculty and students following the event. Announcing the Keynote Speaker: Brad Smith, President and Chief Legal Officer of Microsoft.”


4/11 – AR Open House – Free

“Faculty and student teams from across NYC Media Lab’s university consortium are working on funded AR and immersive media prototyping this spring in collaboration with the Lab’s member companies. To celebrate the innovations happening throughout the spring, NYC Media Lab is planning an Open House, to be hosted at RLab—home to the first city-funded VR/AR center in the country.”


5/9 – NYCCT Third Annual Experiential Learning Symposium – Free

NYCCT’s Third Annual Experiential Learning Symposium will take place in the Voorhees Theater, 11a – 4p. Students are encouraged to submit their projects to be displayed and entered to win prizes.


5/10 – 5/11 – Creative Tech Week 2019 Conference – $15* (Students)

“Now in year four, Creative Tech Week is an international festival bringing together the interdisciplinary developers, designers, executives, artists and academics in the creative technology field from across a diversity of industries and institutions. We provide a platform for thousands of experts to gather, learn, recruit, discover, and showcase their most advanced work.

The CTW2019 Conference at the NYIT Auditorium on Broadway, held May 10-11, is the highlight of our 11-day festival. This year, join us to explore AI and Creativity as we welcome industry experts to our stage to discuss how Artificial Intelligence is impacting the future of creativity. We also celebrate events going on in the creative tech ecosystem of the city.”

*with code STUDENT


5/20 – 5/23 – WSJ’s The Future of Everything Festival – $25* (Students)

“What happens next? Which breakthroughs really matter? Over four days in May, The Wall Street Journal will pose these and more provocative questions about what lies ahead.

To find answers, the Journal will convene the groundbreaking leaders, innovators and change makers you need to hear from now. Join them and an audience of future thinkers and rising talents on a deep dive into the currents redefining business, technology, medicine, science and culture.

The Future of Everything Festival delivers insights only the Journal can provide. Hear the most promising ideas for advancing technology and society at interviews and talks across two stages. Discover the projects and products that will transform how we live, work and play inside the Lab—an experiential, multisensory showcase of next-generation technologies and products. And get a firsthand look at the work of pioneers who have forged new paths in their industries on a Festival excursion.”

*with code foefstudent


5/22 – 5/23 – LDV Vision Summit 2019 – $25* (Students), $100 (Educators)

“The premier global gathering in visual tech. Visual Technologies leveraging computer vision, machine learning and artificial intelligence are revolutionizing how humans communicate and do business. New innovations are emerging every month and our visual technology market is poised for exponential growth. As a result, companies are struggling to leverage the right solutions to help them adapt and thrive in the new world. Join us for an interactive two-day summit to discuss trends and technologies. Meet the world’s brightest technology innovators – and learn firsthand how their visions will transform visual communication and boost or disrupt your businesses.”

*Please email from your .edu for the code


5/23 – Machines + Media 2019 – NYC Media Lab’s Annual Data-Driven Event – Free

“AI, machine learning, computer vision and future interfaces – data continues to change the way media is produced, distributed, consumed and monetized. NYC Media Lab’s third annual Machines + Media conference, once again being generously sponsored and hosted by Bloomberg, will focus on new applications of data science and technology in journalism and media. This year’s program will give special consideration to topics such as the impact of AI in a global economy, R&D priorities for media, and how technology experts are teaching computers to see, listen, speak, and interpret emotions. Join speakers and presenters from New York City’s media industry, universities and the tech community to explore the latest new trends and best practices.”