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We live in a vibrant, bustling city where anything is possible, so let’s take advantage! We list events related to VR & AI that may be of interest to our members. Events highlighted in BLUE are events we will attend as a group, but if you’re interested in something, feel free to reach out or stop by to gather a group!



11/28 12:30-1:30p – Education and Research @ The Convergence of Disruptive Technologies w Dr. Vikram Kapila – Free for students, Refreshments Avail – NYCCT Voorhees V-509

“In this talk, I will lay out the evolution of education and research activities in my laboratory. Having prepared for an academic career in control system technology, two decades ago I started to develop a hands-on control engineering program which transformed into an area of intense academic and research interest, focused on mechatronics, in my laboratory. A decade ago, with the arrival of smart mobile devices (smartphones and tablets), my laboratory focused its efforts on mechatronics and robotics with applications to natural and intuitive human-machine interaction as well as health and wellness. More recently, having observed the rapid progress in several emerging technologies and their potential for broad societal impact, my laboratory has transitioned its activities to explore and perform education and research at the convergence of robotics, artificial intelligence, augmented reality/virtual reality, and blockchain technologies. Throughout this talk, I will showcase numerous examples of our research products through videos.”


11/29 – Exploring Future Reality – $30 for students

“NYC Media Lab will host the fourth annual Exploring Future Reality conference, a day-long event focused on the impact of VR/AR on industry and society, including best practices for storytelling, prototyping, and distribution.”


11/29 – Engineering Resume Writing Workshop (RSVP)- Free for students – NYCCT Voorhees V-511

Nelly from PDC will be presenting a resume writing workshop tailored for engineers in room V-511 for all interested students. RSVP at the link above.


12/5 7-9p – Existential Medicine #2: Augmented Humanity – Free – New Lab, Brooklyn Navy Yard

“In part two [of Existential Medicine], we unpack Augmented Humanity and the human body as a connected device. Underscoring the importance of emotional intelligence, we ask: how can this technology build upon the most powerful humanistic attributes that differentiate us from machines? The evening will explore the future of surgical robotics, connected implants, and what augmentations mean for human performance, the body, and medicine.”


12/8 –  AfroFutura  – Free for public – Clinton Hill, Brooklyn

“AFROFUTURA IS a FREE, all-day and all ages EXPLORATION designed to get EMERGING TECHNOLOGY in the hands of people who are neglected, unexperienced, and undereducated, AND most importantly to to get those people thinking about technology as MEDIUM for CREATIVITY and  EMPOWERMENT.”

“GrowHouse NYC is a multigenerational, multidisciplinary and multimedia incubator and residency program where makers of color and other under-represented groups feel safe and empowered to debut works in progress, collaborate with each other and like-minded organizations, and experiment with emerging media and technology.”



 9/20-9/21 –  NYCML Summit 2018 – $30 for students/faculty

“NYC Media Lab’s annual Summit is a snapshot of the best thinking, projects and talent from across the City’s corporate, university and innovation ecosystems. The event will include panels and keynotes on the future of the media and technology industries; 100 emerging technology demonstrations; startup pitches; and 12+ interactive workshops.”


9/22-9/23 –  World Maker Faire New York – $30/day; $50/weekend

“Maker Faire is a celebration of invention, creativity and curiosity. Get immersed in maker culture with more than 800 exhibits, interactive art, hands-on making and learning. The 2-day event features robotics, science, the future of food, electronics, fire and much more! Come for one or both days, there are several ticket prices available.”


10/13 –  New Lab’s Annual Open House Party – Free for the public – Brooklyn Navy Yard

“New Lab will be open to the public for an evening of member open studios, art and tech installations, food trucks, open bar, and live music by Slavic Soul Party. ”

About New Lab: “We are home to over 500 entrepreneurs working in advanced technologies—including AI, robotics, IoT, blockchain, urban tech, medtech and more—and provide resident space, on-site product realization, specialized programming, and access to a network of city agencies, leading corporations, venture capitalists, and domain experts.”


10/14 – VR That Doesn’t Suck – Free for the public, Chelsea, Manhattan

“A comprehensive pop-up exhibition of all the good virtual reality experiences, for one day only. VR That Doesn’t Suck is a comprehensive gathering of every single virtual reality experience that doesn’t disappoint or underwhelm, packed into a gallery for one evening only. Each VR experience on display was hand-selected by curator Jason Eppink for its ability to completely fulfill the promise of VR: transformative, world-changing, immersive experiences that upend the moving image tradition and represent a monumental shift in how we understand the world…and ourselves.”


10/25-27 –  NYVR Expo –  Free for students (Registration required) – Javits Center, Manhattan

“NYVR brings together the best and brightest individuals in the industry pushing the boundary of possible, showcasing the latest virtual worlds, augmented experiences, and groundbreaking hardware that is redefining reality. For the second year, NYVR will return to the Javits Center, October 25-27, with more exhibitors and a renewed focus on education and visionary perspectives from thought-leaders.”


11/8 6:30-8:30  –  A Crossroads of Opportunity: Virtual Reality, Media Art, and Medicine Today – Free – Midtown, NYC

“This panel will bring together healthcare professionals with artists and researchers using technology meant for healing and pain management in their creative practice.”


11/17 – Virtual Reality Day ’18 – Free – Soho, NYC

“Celebrate global Virtual Reality Day by attending this local event near you. Learn and experience from different VR/AR demonstrations. Become educated about virtual and augmented reality. Have your first virtual reality experience. Ask questions. Meet the local VR/AR community.”