due 5/22

I’ve learned that although it didnt come put as perfect as I wanted it too the composition contained contrast, proportion, layering, and movement. it was difficult but i need to improve on my craftsmanship in  terms of working with paint and tape.


Find an article in the New York Times about color and write a post about it on your eportfolio and include a link to the article – https://www.nytimes.com/2015/12/06/nyregion/the-green-queen-of-brooklyn.html?_r=0

the green lady in Brooklyn has been a fashion icon for many years. she has worn green for 20 years and has made a stamp by catching peoples eyes on  a regular basis. from her house to clothing to hair this 70 year old  will be remembered.

due 5/2

Write a post on your eportfolio about something new that you learned about color from the reading assignment – most people perceive colors in a different manner and for example might think that a certain shade of red is the purest while another person might believe not.


The Apartment by The Line – New York is such an amzing place for anyone interested in not only fashion and design but interior design. This boutique located in New York City showcases furniture and home goods in order to show consumers how perfect home may look. From bathrooms to even clothes hanging this place allowed me to see how elements tie everything together. The Color balance and contrast was something that you can tell right as you walk in. Using the colors  black and white while placing the objects in a certain manner it gives a sense of figure ground of geometric and organic shapes. Very part of this unique place contains a different element from visual weight to layering to patterns to create a original and outstanding designs.






Whether it’s mixed in with a drawing, an advertisement or a simple composition contrast is an amazing way to bringing your art to life while balancing out the colors in your piece. The artwork found on the cooper Hewitt collection shows contrast in many of its art pieces while the artist uses them for different reasons. Contrast was used in order for figure ground to be triggered or to bring a drawing of a room to life. The light and dark in the compositions create a focal point by allowing certain areas of the work to pop out.


Wanting to collaborate with Fashion Designers and enthusiasts I chose these three 3 textures and would want to incorporate that in fashion related projects.



I fell in love with this London based student due to her outstanding creations and collaborations with companies such as Urban Outfitters and Cirque Le Soir. I aspire to be as creative and talented as her in order to share my creations among others and be able to network with such companies.

2/14 homework


according to the article by being a Cuny student the MOMA (museum of modern art) allows admission in for free and it also gives the same benefits for people 16 and under, people who serve in the military, and much more. it allows art and history to be viewed for free which allows many people to be more cultured and well rounded.