Weekly Assignments

Week 1
• Post a bio, picture, and name (your real one or a made up identity) as a blog entry on Open Lab. pg 10 – 13 this is a handy list to have but you do not have to digest the entire list

Week 2
• Create a shot list from a movie scene comprising of at least 20 shots. Structure your shot list in the style of the Pulp Fiction shot list here:
Post your shot list to the course site.

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 9
• Create Signal Path/Layout and Cam Script for SNL skit – include audio paths , video paths, lighting plot, and prop locations. SNL rehearsal skit and Signal Path/Layout examples can be found in Resources.
Hardware –
Software –
Live –


Group Project 1 – Long Take:
– 3 minute video
– use white balance, good exposure, accurate focus
– use pan, tilt, zoom, lead room/look room, three-fouths/profile
– eye related aspects like angle, thirds, balance, depth of field, different scales, and negative space
– cam script should include length in seconds, scale, angle, movement, blocking, and storyboard panels when needed
– 3 talent at a time, one operator/TD at a time, and everyone becomes TD in turn


Group Project 2 – Panel Discussion:
Shoot a panel discussion (Crossfire, The View) of 3 to 5 minutes on any subject. Each group member is on the panel.
The discussion will be on a topic relevant to your group member’s local experience. The group must be able to appreciate all sides of the topic. The video must represent several sides of the topic.
The shoot will be done with one camera but must result in the apperance multi-camera, continuous scene.
The goal is continuity and illusion.
– use close and room micing
– use thoughtful three point lighting throughout
– a variety of close, mid, and long shots must be exhibitted

Before the shoot, provide:
– dialogue
– cam script/storyboard
– credits, all crew members and their roles

After the shoot, provide:
– raw footage
– edit decision list with time shot number, time referent, duration, and audio notes.

For the shoot, you will have
– 1 cam
– one card
– 1 lav mic
– 1 room mic
– 1 mobile lighting rig
– 10×10 space


Group Project 3 – Miniature Sessions:

The class will work as a team to produce four 5 minute live multi-camera productions featuring chroma keying and the illusion of scale. Each student will perform in a different role in each production.

Crew titles for each production will include Technical Director, Producer, Production Assistant, Audio Engineer, Audio Assistant, Lighting Designer, Lighting Assistant, 3 Camera Operators, 3 Talents, and 2 Grips.

Productions will exhibit careful lighting, well thought out audio engineering, and appropriate use of media such as titles, and video clips.

The goal of the shoot is a smoothly edited, coherent mix of cameras, digital media, and audio, following the talent and the script.
Subjects should be well lit, audio should be well placed, and shots should be well thought out.

Each student will need to contribute to at least two of the following for separate productions:
– a lighting team will be formed for each production to provide lighting plots and light the studio
– a systems team will be formed to provide system diagram and layout and setup the a/v system
– a production team will be formed to provide script and production documents, and source props and media

For the shoot, you will have
– Any props from outside of class
– Tricaster
– 3 cams
– audio board
– 1 shotgun mic
– 2 handheld mics
– 2 lavaliere mics
– 1 mobile lighting rig
– green screen

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