Some would say, being without a cell phone makes people feel less secure and disconnected from the world. In a study I conducted , I surveyed at Lyons Community School, where I asked twenty high schools students ranging from the ages 15-18 how they felt being without their phone along with two other questions. More than half of the students stated they could not be more than a day without their phone. Only two students out of the group said that they could survive without their phone. Young people are so immersed into technology that they feel they can’t live a day without their cellphone. Not only adolescents but as people living in a world of technology we can’t stand the idea of not being informed about the latest news. We constantly want to know what’s the latest news or gossip, which is portrayed through the social media networks that are used. Especially, in a period where social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, and twitter have become so popular.