Online ads: Only good when you are welcomed.


Firstly, as a guest post, I hope this will be welcomed here.

At the end of the day, an effective online advertising campaign is  all about  results and cost-effectiveness. Advertisers want to make sure every dollar they spent will make their brand, or at least their message stay longer in customers’mind. And in order to achieve that, online advertisement would have to deal with  computer users’ experience.

As an internet user, what would come in your mind when talking about online advertising? I guess that would be banner ads with flashing headlines and pop-ups that get in the way of your browsing. A lot of brainpower has gone into  to those right-in-the-face ads just for one purpose- generating more clicks. And unfortunately, the most sought after clicking in this case is the skip button. Ask your friends if they can even recall one of those interrupting ads they just saw 5 minutes ago. You will find how pathetically online advertising fails in term of making impression and grabbing attention from the viewers.

The answer lies in hitting the right point in time when online viewers are most receptive so that your ads won’t aggressively interrupt their online experience. As a result, there would be a much better chance they will recall your brand, and most importantly, take action. Now ask your friends about a memorable Super Bowl commercial. I’m sure you will get more than one answer. It’s because millions of dollars are spent to grab that receptive frame of mind.

That’s the strategy. But how about the creativity? What if you show up at the right time with a tasteless ad? It won’t do you and your product any good either. I like to think about it in this way: Know the user experience’s bias, but focus on enlightening them with your creativity and imagination.

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