Grand Central

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Urban Tourism field trip Grand Central Terminal reflection:  I use to take Grand Central Terminal for granted; until my recent field trip, which opened my eyes up into its true meaning about what kept it from suffering the same faith as Penn station. Mr. Bruckner, he gave us thorough information, regarding the history of Grand Central, he said it’s the most important railroad in the U S; and the secret entrance at the Waldorf Astoria, as well the hidden stair case inside the clock, for the workers in it to use; he also took us to the secret wall, where we can listen to each other, talking form a different section; at first I was a bit reluctant, but I thought it was creative, hearing my friends through this wall. He told us that if it wasn’t for the sacrifices of Penn station, and the good heads of the citizens, then Grand Central would suffer similar faith. Over all it was fun and interesting, viewing the lower levels and outside of the building from the 5th floor.

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