Grand Central Terminal

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More often then not I take for granted where I live. I have been inside Grand Central Terminal a countless number of times. However I never really stopped to really take it all in. This tour was actually quite interesting. Learning all about the history of the Vanderbilts and how they have their acorns and leaves carved throughout the Terminal was pretty interesting. The fact that Park Ave is built ontop of train tracks just blew my mind. Oh and the secret enterance at the Waldorf Astoria? What???!

Then we went up to the cat walks. Now aside from the fact I was afraid of heights and thought I was going to fall out that small little window and fall to my death, it was fun. Taking that picture of the UN building was interesting. I didnt’t know it was right there or that these cat walks even existed.

Then we learned all about how the cieling is backwards, and where there is a secret staircase. Oh and that the clock is a jewl! Grand Central is pretty crazy and has a remarkable history to it as wel..

Penn Station…. on the other hand, has a nice histroy but a tragic ending.

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