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Private Market Watch Virtual Stock Trading Game

Hey Guys,

Come check out the virtual stock trading game on market watch. This will be a monthly game to test how well you know the Stock Market.  Each Player starts off with $100,000.00.  The game will be hosted from 2/6/2014 until 2/28/2014. You guys can invite people to this game and club. The more people the better. The Game name is City Tech Trading”” and the password is CityTech123. Have Fun

Jimmy Choy

Welcome to the Trading Club!!!

Thank you for participating! Feel free to contact me if needed. Since this is a new club, I need some time to organize a couple projects. The upcoming projects will be listed below.

Market Watch Game:

A virtual stock trading game will be made for members of this club. This give members a general depiction the stock market works.

CME Group Trading Challenge:

“CME Group’s Trading Challenge is a complimentary four-week electronic trading competition where teams of undergraduate and graduate students can trade a variety of CME Group products from multiple asset classes in a simulated tradingenvironment on a real-time professional trading platform provided by CQG.

Top ranking students will be eligible for cash prizes and exclusive CME Group experiences.

This competition is an annual event and the number of schools that participate has grown each year – with 179 schools from 26 countries and over 320 teams competing in 2013. The Trading Challenge is a unique chance for students to learn hands on techniques for trading futures. Teams must consist of 3-5 members and can register with a student leader or faculty advisor.”

Deadline to register is January 23, 2014