Path Of Vision

     Before attending this class my expectations were different from what I had experienced. I expected to have a mixture of hands on drawing projects and projects done from the computer. Also I visioned that in this class we were going to be using a great use of different colors in our work. This was my mindset due to when I look up graphic design on google images. Pictures of drawings and images done from the computer both with different ranges of color implemented within them appeared. The beauty these images relayed was amazing to look at, so after looking upon these pictures of graphic design I was anxious to begin this class. Even though I felt a sort of excitement before attending class I was also nervous thinking will I be capable of doing the work that will be asked of me but most great things come with a challenge.

    After our first project was assigned to the class I thought it will be easy because the assignment was to draw a square, align it in the center of the page, and color it in pitch black. Sounds easy right, well it wasn’t. You had to make sure it was pitch black and that there is no white space or lines that you can see when you look at it which is harder than it sounds. So your measurements and your draftsmanship had to be perfection. After redoing it so many times I became disappointed with the class and realized that my expectations of the class was wrong. The class became stressful to me due to not getting the grades I desired in my work but it just proves that what I said earlier is not just a saying but a reality that “most great things come with a challenge.”

    I came to realize that my skill as a designer was slowly increasing. My measurements came to perfection and my draftsmanship was getting better and better. I also learned how to look at things in a different perspective. I learned that designers place things in their design in certain places to make the audience follow a certain path of vision. That is honestly the biggest lesson I learned in this class, was how to look at things differently and why designs are placed a certain way. Like for example designers usually place the focal point on the left side because in America people read from left to right so to look at things in that way is natural. People from other countries like Japan read from right to left rather than left to right. So to place the focal point on the right is natural for them.

    In conclusion even though the class wasn’t what I expected and I was disappointed at first, I came to realize that my skills were improving and I learned valuable lessons from this class. My draftsmanship improved, My measurements improved, and the way I look at things have changed for the better as a designer. In the end i’m glad I took this class and I appreciate the things I have appreciated as a designer.