week 14 final (Teams C,D,E)

Team C

Appetizer- Deviled Eggs with Kale Salad

This was their vegan version of a ‘deviled egg’. They used extra firm tofu to resemble the egg. The ‘yolk’ was made with chickpeas, nutritional yeast, mustard, avocado, seasoning, and freshly squeezed lemon juice. The kale salad was mixed with an array of vegetables and topped off with a refreshing mustard vinaigrette.

Entrée-  Zucchini Pasta with Creamy Cucumber and Avocado sauce with Smoked Sausage

This was a light yet fulfilling dish. The zucchini was sautéed in a sauce pan with a little bit of oiled and seasoned to perfection. The ‘sausage’ was left in vegetable stock to maintain its juiciness. The dressing from the dish was light yet tasteful.

Team D

Appetizer- Roti West Indian Style (left side)

Entrée- Seitan patties in a Peanut Curry sauce with Baked root Vegetables and Marinated Crudites Bell Peppers Stuffed with Sauteed Swiss Chard, Mushrooms, and Pearl Onions

The appetizer merged together the styles of the West Indian Roti with the uses of East Indian curry flavor. This dish was very nutritious due to the chickpeas and split peas. It was served with a apple and mango chutney, which provided sweetness to this dish.

The entrée had various textures such as crunch from the peppers and softness from the baked root vegetables. This dish was definitely fulfilling and appealing to the eyes.

Team E

Entrée- Saffron Ravioli with Wild Mushrooms and Cashew Cheese

Dessert- ‘The Real Deal’ Vegan Cannoli with chocolate and Pistachios

The main ingredients for the ravioli was all purpose flour, tomatoes, squash, cashews, and cremini. This dish was packed with nutritious values such as Vitamin A, Thiamine, and Lycopene. The ingredients on the plate was to resemble the colors on the Italian flag (white, red, and green).

The dessert had a cool name ‘The real deal’. This dessert definitely lived up to its name. Instead of using the traditional egg based cream filling, this team used potatoes. The potatoes were sweetened with powdered sugar and coconut cream







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