Brooklyn Museum-Jr

Our project was to visit the brooklyn museum. I personally love how accessible the brooklyn museum is, If you are a college student you can get in the admission for free. Which means many people in underdeveloped brooklyn neighborhoods can have an amazing experience free of charge. They change the exhibits quite often as well. Aswell as have a variety of different art works Egyption, American, Arts of Africa, and islamic art.

During our field trip to the brooklyn museum our job was to observe the exhibit by french artist Jr. From my observations of Jr he seems like a very chill guy that wants his work to speak for him more than his personal looks. What I mean is that he doesn’t look to flashy Jr dresses very simply with shades that hides his eyes and a simple hat. During my time there I learned more about the artist personally.

Jrs has his own personal style when It comes to being and artist and he created trends and unique designs. Jrs is very famous for taking photos of underprelived  people. His first project was on faces of young people in a housing complex .    

Young People

Unlike traditional art jr focused on the humanism of people. He focused on the realness the raw emotion you see on their faces and that fact that they are real people. His are is contradictory to the norm of art but thats what makes it exciting he makes a new take on what it means to be beautiful in this society. He shows the realness of there expressions in their faces weather that a mad expression of a happy one. Because his subject were kids you see the pure rawness in their expressions.