Your project description should be just what it sounds like: a narrative description of your project. Explain what you would like to do, what you would like to learn, and why. Explain how your chosen project will help you meet your goals. Write this section so that any random person off the street could read it and understand what you are talking about. You should limit your description to one or two paragraphs. For example, the project description for a technical direction project might go something like this:

In my time at City Tech, I have learned about scenery drafting and construction, and
worked on several set builds in Technical Production class. My goal when I graduate
is to get a job as a technical director or assistant technical director, but I feel like I
don’t have enough practical experience yet. For my culmination project, I would like
to put my skills to the test by acting as the technical director for the department’s
spring production of Example Show: The Musical.

Being the technical director for a real production would let me practice my budgeting,
drafting, and management skills, as well as give me real experience working with a
director and a design team to solve production problems as the come up during
rehearsal and performance.