Notes 2/28

Sketch Presentation AKA 1st check-in

  • Each group went around and presented their approach/sketch of the problem
  • We have an open calendar in terms of other shows happening at the same time.
  • We have have free-reign over molding material
  • By the same token we have different approaches toward curving the molding
  • Different type of jack options
    • normal jacks,
    • arbor jacks,
    • inverted jacks,
    • pipe bracing/reinforcing,
    • rigging point
  • Discussed different methods for flat construction
    • Standard Hollywood construction
    • Stud wall construction
    • Curved flats
    • Sound muffling materials
  • Flat breakups vary by group.

Creating a Calendar

  • Have intermediate goals
  • Deadlines for builds
  • Have realistic/ practical expectations for goals
  • Have checkpoints that can be checked off as the build takes place.


  • We want to tackle the hardest part of prototyping first, and know exactly what we want to have answers to.
  • Try and figure out the hard parts/ parts that have the greatest impact on the technical design and do those first as the build depends on them.
  • Create a plan for prototyping our own projects.

Prototype Calendar 

  • Next class session we will discuss “How we know what we know” and “how we can go about prototyping based on that knowledge.”
  • March 14- Jack-Door prototype demonstration
  • March 21- Curved flats/ molding demonstration


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