Thomas K. Lui

Thomas K. Lui

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

My weakness has to be my time management, sometimes it’s difficult for me to find the right balance of planning ahead but not too far ahead. I need to leave room for error and know that things might go out of my control and still be okay with it and not give up. I could work on my Revit, AutoCAD and illustrator skills because I haven’t fully mastered those skills yet.

My strengths in architecture is the ability to come up with ideas that is rooted in research and practicality. How does this thing work, why do we need it, and what does it do? I am proficient in Rhino, grasshopper, and I’d like to think I’m a good modeler but there’s always another way to do the same task which is why I love it

What does good architecture mean to you?

Architecture is a way of thinking about life as spaces with functions. What is the main function of the space? How does the person use the space? When is the space used and not used? Why do we need the space and why is it useful to the environment?

What do you do on your free time/what are your hobbies?

I like to build things, I have a 3D printer, I love woodworking, I paint, I watercolor, I love photography, I read a lot of books, I love going to museums, I never really have free time and I’m never really bored because I’ve always been really independent and I tend to explore the world with a never ending flow of curiosity and enthusiasm for what I believe in as interesting. If I had to choose I’d say listening to music is the one thing I do everyday.