Technical Glossary of Terms
Term Definition Student
Eaves The projecting edge of a roof that overhangs an exterior wall to protect it from the rain Diego Vega
Grilles Ventilation panels, often highly decorative Diego Vega
Baluster A vertical supporting element, similar to a small column Diego Vega
Stucco A thin coating of plaster applied over exterior walls Diego Vega
Coving A concave surface forming a junction between a ceiling and a wall Diego Vega
Parametric A way of organizing a computer data in AutoCad Katarzyna   Serowik
MULLION              The wooden divisions between panes of glass on windows        Diego vega          
                                Architectural Glossary of Terms
Term Definition Student
Wide street It is a street that is 75 feet wide or more. Katarzyna Serowik
FAR It stands for floor area ratio. It is a permitted floor area of the site divided by the net area. Katarzyna  Serowik


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  1. Please check how you are editing. On my last count Katarzyna had 4 vocabulary words and now he only has 3?

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