Final Assignment


The final assignment for this module is to select a cost-free educational resource to replace or supplement an existing reading, lecture, or assignment in your course.

The material you submit may be any of the following:

  • an OER – Creative Commons licensed; content in the public domain is welcome too!
  • a library digital resource – the Library has already paid for permission to use it; materials are available to City Tech community only). Generate a permalink to direct students to the online library resources you’ve selected.
  • a free resource – something that is free for students to use but does not have a Creative Commons license. Ex.: Khan Academy makes many of their materials available for free but their content is under full copyright protection – “all rights reserved.” It’s perfectly fine to provide a direct link to their materials as you would with a New York Times article or relevant websites.

Due: October 23rd – see submission directions at the bottom of this page.

The approved OER will be included in the final syllabus you submit to Dr. Lundstrem at the culmination of the seminar (refer to the next module in Blackboard).

Additional tips to find curricular materials

In addition to reviewing the content in Unit 4 and using this helpful list of links for the many OERs available, here are some extra tips for finding relevant course materials!

Get acclimated to Library resources in your discipline.

  • Subject guides introduce Library resources in each discipline.
  • Check out the databases available by discipline (through databases you can find peer reviewed articles and multimedia)

Evaluate your materials

Think about the intellectual property of these course materials and how they are accessed.

  • Is it in the public domain?
  • Is it creative commons licensed?
  • Is it freely available to link to?
  • Is it a Library resource?

Submit Final Assignment:

The elements for you to fill out are:

  1. Course name
  2. Describe the course material you’ve chosen to incorporate into your final syllabus AND where you found it.
  3. Is this course material cost free to students?
  4. Describe how the course material you’ve selected aligns with the curriculum and course learning objectives.
  5. Describe the user permissions. Include intellectual property license and other usage identifiers (e.g. Creative Commons CC-BY; copyright protected; public domain; library subscribed).
  6. Provide the URL to the course material.