An introduction to free and open educational resources (O.E.R.)

About this site:

This site is where City Tech faculty can access the curriculum for the ‘O.E.R. module,’ guest taught by Prof. Cailean Cooney, O.E.R. Librarian, and offered as part of the Online Learning Seminar, overseen by Dr. Karen Lundstrem, Director of the Instructional Technology & Technology Enhancement Center.

About this training module:

Faculty taking the Online Learning Seminar will learn about open educational resources (O.E.R.), explore concepts underpinning relevant terminology, such as the difference between “free” and “open” resources, and discover how Creative Commons licenses and copyright factor into access and sharing. In the process, participants will become familiar with the OpenLab platform and additional educational materials available to teach with that are cost-free to students, including library resources. Module activities will include exploring resources and testing strategies for locating discipline specific OERs.

Learning Objectives:
  • Understand the concept of open educational resources (OERs) and be able to distinguish OERs from free materials
  • Learn about intellectual property and copyright in relation to OERs: develop competency with interpreting and selecting Creative Commons licenses
  • Find, evaluate, and select OERs
Deliverable (aka final assignment):

You will select a free/open educational material to replace or supplement an existing reading, lecture, or assignment in a course you teach.

This OER must be submitted to Cailean on or before March 19, 2020 for final approval, and the approved OER should be included in the final syllabus you submit to Dr. Lundstrem at the culmination of the seminar (refer to the following module in Blackboard).

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