My name is Tiffani Crossdale and I’m currently a student at City Tech. My main purpose for being here is to provide a safety guard in the event that my real ambitions end up becoming more of a burden than something I can live off of for the rest of my life. Considering the fact that Communication Design falls into the art category, I believe it can serve as a guidance for what I truly want to do. Art is not a singularity. It is a broad horizon with many options to indulge in. In my case, I decided to go down the path as a Freelance Illustrator.

Ever since I first started drawing in 3rd grade, drawing has been a passion and escape from my boring lifestyle. The ability to create with a mind filled with an abundance of ideas is a powerful weapon. My interests are more aligned towards character design, but I feel rather curious about the other types of illustrations topics, such as cityscapes and confections. Whenever I make a new character, the basis for him/her is that they were based on an emotion I experienced at the moment, along with a general idea for the character. The design of the character usually isn’t final either. After doing some fixes and cleaning off unnecessary aspects, a new character is born.

Stepping out of my comfort zone isn’t an easy task, but everyone has to do so eventually. It is the only way an individual can grow steadily. There is no such thing as an artist who never practiced in order to get to where they are now.