Bio Page

Where do I start? Well, my name is Taylor Marie Perez. I am a 18 year old freshman in college an Advertisement and Design major. I had originally applied to be in a math and science program in high school but a part of god’s plan I was placed in Bronx Digital Academy in John F. Kennedy High school where I first grew the passion to use the Adobe products such as Photoshop, InDesign, Dreamweaver, etc. As the years rolled by and I was placed in to my graphic program I was introduced to many things. I fell in love with how talented I actually turned out to be. I was a top student in my desktop publishing class and received many acknowledgment awards, bringing forth a talent that I didnt know i had. When I got to my Junior year I found a new passion and realized that if I could successfully master both Photography and Desktop Publishing I could really make something of myself so I taught myself many things , especially things on the internet i.e.: YouTube and Adobe instruction books. I studied harder on my computer graphic skills than anything else. I have a passion for this , When I entered my senior year I took on a lot of responsibilities, I was in senior council I worked directly with the principal, assistant principal, senior advisor, and graphics teacher to create the design for out senior’12 T-shirt, many pages in the yearbook and our invitation for graduation.