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Tamika Jackson




Why have you decided to become a Human Service Professional




I was born in Panama City, Panama. I now live in Brooklyn, New York where I also attend school, the school I attend to is called New York City College of Technology. I am looking forward to obtain my Bachelor’s degree in Human Service Counseling. I intend to pursue on getting my license in Counseling after I receive my degree.  I am a caring, affectionate and quiet person; this is one of the reasons why I love this field because it has opened me to be more interactive with others.  I strongly believe that this is my calling, for the simple fact that I use to be shy and am a little quiet, but I enjoy the classes in my major.

I decided to become a Human Service Professional since I started working with the agency I am   presently with.  The agency I work for is a foster care agency, serving   families and children.  After a few months working for this agency, I decided that I wanted to work with families, to help them in every possible way that I can.  Although I do not have a caseload of my own, I work closely with families. Some of my duties include: supervise family visits, moving children from home to home, taking children shopping, and scheduling family visits when children first come into care, etc.  I enjoy helping others; it is such a great feeling when I am able to help a parent who calls asking about their children, after they have been removed from their care.  I am able to give them the information that they need, to ease some of the burden they may feel.  I definitely want to help and see others happy.

I will like to counsel families, in reference to their relationships and/or marriages.  I think I have been a counselor to many of my friends, and even family members.  When it comes to listening and giving advice to others, I think I am good at it.  I do not only say things to make individuals feel like they are right, but I also tell them when they are wrong.  By telling a person that they are right when they are actually wrong, it does not help them at all. Actually the opposite occurs, and it can destroy them because they will go throughout life thinking that they are always right. I like when others come to me with their situation because it tells me that they trust me, that they can confide in me that I am a trustworthy person, and whatever they say to me will stay with me. When giving advice to others, I learn from them and their situations because I put myself in their position. It makes me think what I would do if It was me instead of them in that situation or circumstance.

I want to work with families, mostly with the married community.  I feel that some married couples get divorced for the pettiest things, and maybe because they do not find guidance or a person that can help them to build up their marriage. People that can help give them hope that things can work out if they want the relationship to succeed.  I feel like I can be that counselor that can make a difference.  I love seeing couples making it through their relationships when it seemed to others or even themselves that it will never work out.  By dealing with families and relationships it can help me with my own relationships.  These experiences can help me on how to deal with similar situation, if this occurs to me.  I may be able to find answers that I am not looking for while counseling a client or clients who are going through the same situation and I would be able to see it on the professional level instead of on a personal level.

When I graduate I definitely want to work with the married population and those in relationships to further advance my practice.  After I work and get accustomed with that population, I want to go further and earn my counseling license. I want to be self employed and have all the credentials necessary to do so, be the best at what I do, be able to please all of my clients, and for them to be pleased with my work.  I know that not everyone will be pleased, but at least the majority.

Overall, the Human Service field helps others to get back on their feet, help them be independent and self-sufficient.  Every worker should give their clients their best because at the end of the day they will be the one’s referring you to their friends, family members, co-workers, etc. I want to be a successful counselor, the one everyone wants help from.



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