About Me

My name is Tammy Lam. I love food. I love to learn about different things in food. It can vary from the health benefits to the dark side of food. I also like to learn about sustainability in food. I like to learn different languages. I love to take photographs of different things other than myself. I also enjoy travelling and exploring new places and cultures. I am in love with music. I love listening to Korean Pop Music.

I volunteer at the NY Aquarium on my free time. I am an educator at the aquarium. I educate people about the animals that are on display in the aquarium as of right now. There will be plenty more animals to learn about when the reconstruction is done. I love learning about animals and nature around us. My love for animals is growing each day as it goes by.

I am member of the Hospitality Garden Club. This year I will be secretary for the ACF Club as well.