Hello (: Welcome!

Hello. Welcome to my E-portfolio site; my name is Stephanie Ramos, I am 22 years old. have studied graphic design elements for six years. During my early high school years I never really knew what career path I was going to be taking. I never even thought I would make it past high school, honestly. I did know I had more of a creative side since I was always the one to come up with crazy ideas for projects. In my ceramics class I even once created a dress made up of feathers! It was later on displayed in our schools fashion show.

As years progressed counselors spoke to me about going to a technical school. I was really intrigued until I received the lists of classes, nothing seemed to be for me. Then I saw graphic design I signed up, did two years of graphic design and I was hooked!

Now I am in my last year of Bachelor’s Advertising Communications Design Program and I couldn’t be any happier. Growing up I wasn’t so close with my mom, I never had anyone checking up on me with grades or anything for that matter. For that reason I never thought I really would amount to anything I am now. I have gained so many skills in the upcoming of my work career. Many skills that have helped me over the time would be the skills of organization, training, and adaptation to any area I am put up against. I am very passionate of my field of work, I have an unmatched urgency to go above and beyond normal expectations.