Youth Mode Response

In the article youth mode by Nijhuis and K-Hole claims there to be problems in both the Millennial and Generation X communities definition of identity and the internet. However the authors focuses more on the Millennials. Miss Nijhuis begins by pointing out that identity has been cheapened and corrupted to the point that it can even be forced upon you without your wanting. An example of this that Miss Nijhuis gives is they Horoscope explaining that “you’re a scorpio wither if you believe astrology or not” showing how even regardless of your view of act of star charting personalities (Astrology) it can be force on your social personality. Miss Nijhuis go on to explain how even companies that purposefully change and alter there public appearance don’t even know how to appeal to consumers to the vast different forms of social identities there are and how they all enevidably clash. But personally I don’t necessarily believe that is is even a problem. Of course to be this is quite normal being a Millennial myself. However i see it more of a positive effect of the Cultural diffusion that breeds from the popularization of the internet. Witch bring us to the core of the point that I believe Nijhuis and K-Hole are trying to make and that is the the internet itself is the main reason why the world or the culture has changing so much between the generation. Nor for the better but most definitely not for the worst.

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