Giving birth to the land of the free, but free for who?

With this being black history month and how today society seems to have entered a time machine and is heading back to a time where some might say America was at its greatest hence the slogan the current president seems to love to repeat “Make America Great Again” and to others saying this was America at its worst. I believe that this artist though his graphic artwork which he titled “Birth of a Nation “captured what America really is and how it became the great nation around the world. The conflict that I see in this image is how America was built with the sweat blood and tears of African Americans people and how society till this day refuse to acknowledge the contributions that African American people made in creating the history of America and what it is today. The more I look at this image the more I question why did the artist choose to have a black male giving birth rather than a black female giving birth. Another question I have is why did the artist choose the flag to be giving birth to what’s the symbolism behind that. Another question is what do the change symbolize and how does that play in the image and lastly why was it a white man doing the birth delivery itself.

Revision: Question

1) Why did the artist decided to have a male figure being then one to give birth.
2) What is the significant of the flag and the white males that’s putting on it.

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