About Me

This is my ePortfolio. Here you’ll find my drawings and work throughout my college years.

I’m Soha Othman, a citytech student. I study Architectural Technology. The reason why I’m in Architecture is that I always loved to draw buildings when I was so little. The first thing I ever draw was a house. I really loved how houses and buildings looked like and I noticed the differences between them and I liked the details in them. My family knew I was going to be an architect one day. I didn’t even know what “Architect” or “Architecture” meant till my aunt told me “I think you’re going to be an architect one day”. And I was very little to understand, so I asked her what that meant and she explained. And here I am studying what I always loved and wanted to do.

Click the Menus on the left to see my work! Hope you like it! <3