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On Youtube many users establish themselves under a memorable name or with an easily remembered catch phrase. This coupled with quality videos that entertain viewers establish views. Youtubers can gain popularity through videos but even a catchy thumbnail can gain views which is where the magic happens.

The beginning of stardom begins with 1,000 clicks. A click is the redirect from the thumbnail to the creators video, fan page and homepage. By gaining 1,000+ clicks (popularity) Youtube Partner’s Program will contact the creator for a contract to begin making money. The distribution of funds depends on other factors such as the ad types displayed on such videos, either banner or pre-play ads have their own pay out rate. For example to become a member of Social Blade a Youtube Partnership company you must meet the following requirements:

  • You need at least 500 Views per Month (17 views / day average over the last 30 days)

  • The Contract is for 1 Year after a 30 day no lock in trial. This is a legally binding contract.

  • You may not have any content on your channel for which you do not own the necessary copyrights. We recommend that you use royalty free music from sites like Incompetech or Josh Woodward

There are various partner networks that the user can use to partner with and each network has it’s own terms with their contract types.

Many other sources become available to those who are up and coming on Youtube. These companies which are media talent agencies contact content creators and Youtube to form partnerships as well. Companies like Niche, Maker Studio and AwesomenessTv can help transform a beginner you tuber into a highly motivated content entrepreneur whose personality and drive skyrocket views. These companies focus on upgrading video content, production quality and even help with acquiring views and subscribers.


Vine is entirely different form of  media platform and therefore has a different pay out for advertisements and endorsements. Because Vine videos don’t support embedded advertisements Viners sell merchandise through a secondary site which markets their video content memorabilia. To keep things fresh and current with advertising companies Viners establish their own advertisement contracts for product placement/shout outs in their videos. A Vine user will place a price on mentioning, using or explicitly advertising a product in their videos and if the company agrees they’ll do business. Similar to Instagram and twitter Vine users can use hashtags to promote/advertise products within their videos; there are agencies such as that work as a middle man in turning social media stars into endorsers. These videos can generate somewhere around $3,000-$5,000 per video based on the number of viewers, appeals and clicks to the advertisement companies.



Instagram success is a very refined skill, many of those who are famous on Instagram are famous for their lavish lifestyle, their envious adventures or their perfect looks. But the key to becoming successful on Instagram is the appeal and correspondence you have to your audience. Posting interesting, meaningful and unbelievable photos will get noticed and responding to followers will get a good correspondence. But good angles and proper lighting won’t make you superstar famous, Instagram’s use of hashtags let viewers from all over the world access context specific images/videos. By using hashtags you can advertise yourself to anyone essentially. The last step is to market either a product or hobby you enjoy doing on Instagram, by doing so you can establish an audience that you can cater to effectively to advertise and support. Once you’ve established a consistent audience you need to socialize effectively on Instagram, replying to each viewer may be time consuming and take away from the creative content you share so most people use IconoSquare to communicate with mass audience,

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