Internship Blog # 5

There has not been any real change since my last post. We are still in early conceptual stages of this project. Essentially we are crafting a world. I have been doing a ton of research so that I can get a better understanding of the concepts that are trying to be conveyed. Concepts such as sacred geometry, chakras, and the relationship between the spirit and body. With that being said I have been adjusting my characters slightly to fit a more fantasy/spiritual aesthetic.

Internship Blog # 3

After applying to a ton of internships on, I got a response from an organization called KonaScrub. They are a company that sells natural skin care products. I really want an Illustration internship. Something that really relates to what I want to do but if I don’t receive a response from anyone else then I’ll stick with that.

One of my friends got an Illustration internship with a company called HardMagic Publishing. They are working on a video game and need concept artists to design characters and and their world. My friend told me that he applied and received a response the same day. I applied then received a response, and was introduced to the company and given a task within 3 hours.

Internship Blog # 2

I have been following the professor’s suggestions about ways to find internships. Checking the job websites as well as the companies themselves and contacting them directly. I have also applied to a large number of postings on Some of them I am really hoping to get a response to while some of the others I actually just I applied to because I am getting desperate.

Internship Blog #1

During the summer I took Design Team. In the class we worked with a group that was preparing for a national competition. The class’ job was essentially to make their presentation as visually interesting as possible. I was a part of the uniform team. It was a fun and extremely hands on experience. At the end of the class we were told that they would need interns for the coming semester so I was expecting an internship because it was basically offered to us. However, things did not pan out that way and the internship with them fell through. So now I have to begin looking for an alternative.